British Columbia


Located 50 kilometres southeast of Vancouver, the city and township of Langley appeal to those looking for the best of both worlds - an urban centre and rural lifestyle.

The area is one of the most historic in British Columbia. The Hudson's Bay Company established a fort on the Fraser River, near what is now Fort Langley, in 1827. Known as the "birthplace of British Columbia," the fort is a National Hstoric Site, with both original and reconstructed buildings. Costumed guides demonstrate blacksmithing, barrel making and old-fashioned cooking. The township of Langley was established in 1873. In 1955, 10 square kilometres incorporated to become the city of Langley, helping the rest of the region preserve its agricultural heritage while the business area continued to grow.

The township of langley remains predominantly agricultural; it is the largest producer of mushrooms in Canada and a major producer of berries, vegetables, poultry and dairy products. South Langley is home to the Domaine de Chaberton Winery, the only estate winery in the Fraser Valley. The township's pastoral setting also lends itself to a thriving equestrian community, with a number of breeding and facilities located in the area, and an extensive network of riding trails.

The city has ample single-family and multi-family housing, as well as housing for seniors and retired couples. Residents enjoy excellent services and schools, and an active arts conununity.

Both Langley Township and the city of Langley have experienced significant population growth in the past few years, a testimony to how appealing the area is.

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