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Incorporated in 1990, Richmond has come a long way from its roots as a farming and fishing community. Its population has doubled in the past two decades, making it the fourth largest city in the Greater Vancouver region. The economy has boomed as well; business establishments have increased by more than 250 per cent in the last decade.

This growth is partly due to a strategic location and the presence of the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond. With millions of people flying into the airport each year, Richmond's accommodation industry has grown apace. With the Pacific Ocean on one side and rivers to the north and south, Richmond is also a prime location for moving goods by waterway.

Fishing and farming remain major contributors to the area's industry. Steveston port is the largest fishing port on the West Coast. Approximately 45 per cent of the area's land base is dedicated to agriculture, with cranberries one of the most important crops produced.

Aerospace is another important industry in Richmond. Major firms such as MacDonald Dettweiler, Canadian Aircraft Products and Hughes Aerospace are located in Richmond. The British Columbia Insitute of Technology, located at Vancouver Intemational Airport, offers courses for those interested in working in the aerospace field.

In addition to the nearby attractions ofVancouver, Richmond residents have a number of options when it comes to recreation. The Richmond Trails span two islands and offer 50 kilometres of trails to explore. This series of dikes accommodates walkers, joggers, bicyclists and horseback riders, and offers some of the best scenery m the area.

Minoru Park, in Richmond's city centre, offers a variety of activities. You can visit the century-old chapel, swim, ice skate, bowl or attend plays and lectures at the Gateway Theatre on the north side of the park.

Visit Steveston, at the southwestern corner of Richmond, to see what a busy fishing port is like. While there, stroll through the historic post office and museum, or the arts and crafts stores, and enjoy fish and chips at a shop with a waterfront view. The Steveston Salmon Festival takes place in July and features a float parade, carnival, children's festival and a salmon bake.

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