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Surrey is a city on the move. With its phenomenal growth rate of recent years, Surrey's population is predicted to surpass that of Vancouver in the next 15 to 20 years. Its area is three times larger than that of Vancouver.

What's bringing everyone to this area? Surrey's convenient location places it between the Canada/U.S. border and the Fraser River. Vancouver is a mere 22 miles away, easily reached by SkyTrain.

Surrey also has a good deal of land available. Two-thirds of the Lower Mainland's undeveloped land is located south of the Fraser River. Farming is a major industry in the area, with one-third of the city's land devoted to agriculture.

Surrey's city centre is developing rapidly. Incorporated as a municipality in 1879, Surrey became a city in 1993. Along with this new status came a commitment to organized growth. In 1994, three new SkyTrain stations were added in Surrey, linking the Whalley area to Vancouver's rapid transit system. The new stations have also helped shape Surrey's plans for office buildings and multi-family housing. The city of Surrey plans to create a downtown to rival Vancouver's.

But all this growth won't change the area's quality of life. Surrey is known as the "City of Parks," and it intends to keep that image. Its 88 parks add up to1,336 acres of developed parkland, 1,617 acres of planned parks and 450 acres of urban forest. Residents can sail at Crescent Beach, meander through the Redwood Nature Park, or play tennis, baseball or soccer at any one of a number of different athletic parks.

The city's oldest area, Cloverdale, is home to the Cloverdale Fairgrounds-site of harness racing and the second-largest rodeo in the country, the Cloverdale Rodeo. The rodeo takes place every May, and harness races run from October to April.

If you'd like to learn more about the city's history, you can visit the Surrey Centennial Museum and Archives. The museum features a collection of pioneer and native artifacts. The Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation is also located in Surrey, and it features a collection of fully restored vintage aircraft and antique vehicles.

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