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Vancouver West Side is an area bordered by the Fraser River to the South, the University of B.C. and the fabulous Endowment Lands to the West, the gorgeous sandy beaches of Kitsilano, Jericho, and Spanish Banks to the North. The downtown West End, and the unparalleled Beauty of Stanley Park are part of the West Side. The Eastern border running from False Creek to the Fraser River is approximately Main Street. The communities of the West Side are a series of small town centres offering everything from a cup of cappuccino to full scale supermarkets, or high end haute couture fashion. The homes are equally varied from small condos, available for $150,000 to homes valued up to $10,000,000. The market starts at about $250,000 for a two bedroom 1000sf. townhome, and a starter "fix-er-up" house on a 33 foot lot will he in the $350-500,000 area. Most new homes on the larger 50 foot lots will be $900,000 and up.

You can chose your lifestyle, Cosmopolitan West End, Trendy Kitsilano, Yuppy Kerrisdale, Sophisticated Shaugnessy, or Horse Lover's Paradise in Southlands. Many of the well known private schools, such as St. Georges, Crofton House, York House, and West Point Grey Academy, are located in the West Side.

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